That business letter has to be just right. The presentation of your project must read well. Application forms must be filled in without error. Technical reports are easily spoiled by grammatical mistakes

Even native speakers struggle with this stuff.

If you send us your best effort we will look it over for you and sent some suggestions.

We will check it for spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, the correct forms of address and for matters like consistency of style.

Send us your document together with an explanatory email describing what it is you want to dcw.morley@gmail.com

Costs : For shortish material we charge GBP 20. If the material is extensive we'll send you a quotation.

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Two important points for you to note :

1. Everyone in our company is a professional scientist and is a member of an appropriate scientific institute. Therefore all documents seen by us are treated as confidential.

2. We do not comment on the technical content of any documents received by us. We are only interested in checking the standard of of the language.